23.01.12 It's Only Feckin' Faye From Steps.
And all of that on top of the Rubber Bandits providing the tunes.
Our sincerest condolences go out to the Byrne family -.I.P.
A mere 300 or so Iraqi War protestors outside Easons last Saturday gave Tony Blair a political black eye and eventually forced him to sensationally cancel his much hyped book tour.24.09.13 M S AW13 at The bingo playa san juan alicante RHA.18.03.10 Happy St Butler's Day.So dress-up coz we will see you there.Wee harmless smiley Lorraine Keane has apparently ruffled a few feathers with her former bosses over at TV3 with the publication of her new showbizzzy book 'Working The Red Carpet'.Were hoping for a bet!22.01.13 Davisons Steal Danny's Day.18.05.09 The McMunters Staying Put.Ireland's two top models Glenda Gilson Rosanna Davison seemed to be getting competitive in juegos de blackjack gratis the old height department at the U23D afterparty in the Jameson Distillery.We have no idea what Geordie Shore is folks nor who Charlotte Letitia Crosby is, yet that didn't stop a massive foam party from kicking off when she showed up at XS Nightclub in Rathfarnham last weekend.

Lillies Bordello sure was the place to be last Friday night as hoards of both home-grown and international celebrities flocked to the VIP venue for the Kasabian after party.
07.03.13 Jesus Died For Chocolate Eggs.
Has it been a whole year already?
ShowBiz has finally gone haywire.So we've been barking on about how Irish actresses aint keeping up with their male counterparts in the global movie bonus equipo pokemon go business for ages.Raven haired club swinger Nikki Kavanagh has left the gospel choirs behind and taken off in hot pursuit after the likes of Tiger Woods and Padraig Harrington on the fairways of Ireland.Even when it comes to Bobbleheads his shoo-in buddy Barack Obama gets Roseanne Barr's vote.Those of you in-the-know will know that Irma was the leading lady from the piece of film shot for the band's new single in Dublin earlier this year.