right, a power switch.
Coaxial S/pdif connections are also absent, as is any form of midi I/O.
Analogue inputs: eight, balanced, on combi XLRs.On the Blackbird's rear panel, from left to right, we find an IEC port, twin Firewire ports, word clock I/O, dual adat I/O, quarterinch stereo alt, main and monitor outputs, six mic/line inputs on 'combi' XLRs and, finally, a pair of quarterinch insert points.Compatible with: Mac.5 and above, Windows 7, Vista and XP SP2.And, like most of its rivals, it's also expandable, courtesy of adat optical I/O and the ability to 'stack' multiple Blackbirds on one system.

In essence, this provides a separate mixer panel allowing you to set a separate balance of all 16 inputs for each of the nine output pairs (three analogue line outputs, two headphones and four adat pairs).
Mackie provide a comprehensive monitor-mixing utility, but the two 'super channels' are also furnished with a direct descargar juegos de poker para jugar sin internet connection to the Monitor output bus, allowing whatever is plugged into them to be auditioned entirely in the analogue domain.
Builtin mic preamps: eight, of which two offer highimpedance instrument inputs and insert points.
At first, I suspected a clocking problem: I was using the Blackbird slaved to adat, and the 'Detected Sample Rate' field reported a number distantly related to 44100Hz, but frequently as much as 60Hz out either side.
Mackie are apparently building up a database of compatible systems, but given that they've gone to the trouble of developing utilities to scan the host computer, it would be nice if these were available as downloads so that buyers could check out their systems before parting.The Windows version of this includes both a helpful 'DPC latency checker' and a scanning utility that confirms whether the Firewire controller in your PC is compatible with the Blackbird.Small interfaces, such as the original Digidesign M Box from a decade ago, often provide the option of routing inputs directly to outputs in the analogue domain.To my mind, this is a really good idea, enabling you to get going fast with overdubs without having to open up the mixer utility and route inputs to outputs.The latest addition to Mackie's popular Onyx range of mixers and computer audio interfaces is a 1U, rackmounting, Firewirebased unit designed to compete headon with the likes of Focusrite's Saffire Pro 40, MAudio's Profire 2626, Presonus's Firestudio 2626 and Echo's Audiofire Pre.Having ruled out clocking, I turned my attention to the diagnostic tabs of the Blackbird Control panel.Sure enough, my Dell laptop scored extremely badly on the DPC latency meter, and the Firewire scan revealed that it used a noncompatible Ricoh chip set.