Blackbird can work into your studio in a number of ways.
Professional 1616 24-bit/96kHz recording/playback, flexible FireWire routing 88 adat I/O for ultimate expandability.
True analog hardware monitoring of inputs, in mono or stereo, for easy zero-latency recording 80Hz low-cut switches, dedicated 48V phantom power, built-in DI for direct connection of guitars, bass, etc.
Two front-panel "Super Channels" provide quick access to crucial recording tools and feature true analog hardware monitoring, in both mono and stereo, for hassle-free zero-latency recording.Our preamp circuitry is aligned precisely with the onboard analog-to-digital conversion to always provide you with the most headroom and the lowest noise and distortion possible, a real sonic benefit that is often ignored on interfaces.First off, both channels utilize combo inputs, allowing you to easily swap between mic, guitar, keys, drum machines or whatever comes up during the session.However, for more complex applications, Mackie provides you with the custom-designed 1816 Blackbird Control DSP Matrix Mixer application.Easily aggregate up to four units on Mac.Two headphone outputs with independent level control and source selection.The additional microphone inputs, 8 x 8 adat and Wordclock I/O provide easy integration into any digital or analog setup.Plus, if you get more preamps later wookies poker (like another Onyx Blackbird you can simply connect them via Blackbirds integrated 88 adat I/O, delivering a full 16-channel 24-bit/96kHz resolution recording solution.It also comes with Mackies Tracktion 3 Music Production Software to get rolling right out of the box.Ideal eight input standalone preamp unit with up to 96khz adat (S/MUX blackjack tables for sale uk II) outputs 48V phantom power on all inputs for use with condenser microphones.Phantom power is available across all 8 channels and the "Super Channels" can accept Hi-Z inputs for recording guitars, basses and other instruments.Route any input to any output.

Ideal eight input standalone preamp unit with up to 96kHz adat (S/MUX II) outputs 48V phantom power on all inputs for use with condenser microphones.
This software looks and operates just like an actual mixer, with the ability to pan, solo, mute and control various output levels.
High-headroom design with ultra-low noise and distortion.
Plus, since Blackbird works as a standalone 8-channel preamp rack, you've got a single-box solution ready for integration into your studio or mobile setup.That means Blackbird is also an ideal standalone 8-input preamp unit for integration into a larger studio or digital live setup.The, onyx Blackbird from, mackie is a 16 x 16 FireWire recording Interface featuring eight boutique-quality Onyx preamps and high-end 24-bit/96kHz conversion in a single space, rack-mount chassis.Zero-latency tracking of all inputs, quickly set up independent mixes for headphones and more.Its the perfect front end to your DAW using the FireWire connection.TWO full-blown, super channels, even though theres tons of available I/O on Blackbird, the two front-panel Super Channels offer extremely useful features, right within your reach.We invested significant R D efforts into developing our flagship Onyx mic preamps.