neverwinter best active bonus

Each additional active Archon increases this.5 Energon Summoner Increases your Max HP by 5 Fire Archon Summoner Increases your damage against targets with less than 50 Hit Points by 4/5/7.
Dragonborn Brawler Summoner 190/300 Power.
Book Imp Summoner 2 Recharge Speed.
Increases the drop of Acorns and Wooden Tokens.Silver-Scaled Cleric Disciple Summoner.5/2/2.5 Incoming Healing.Can only be applied once every two minutes.Play, download, top 10 Companion Active Bonuses Great Weapons Fighter Neverwinter Mod Kbps.35 MB 00:16:59.
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Staldorf Summoner 2/3/5 Combat Advantage Damage.
If bonus says affects companion the bonus will apply to the currently summoned companion only (not you). .
Slyblade Kobold Summoner Increases damage against Rooted or Stunned targets by 3/5 Tomb Spider Summoner On Encounter Use: 1/3 chance to inject deadly poison into target.At blue this seems to be a fixed.2 damage per second.Portal Hound Summoner 100/190/300 Deflect.Paranoid Delusion Summoner Increases damage against Rooted, Disabled, Held, or Prone targets by 3 Phoera Summoner On Resurrection: 1000 Regeneration 1000 Power Duration: 10 seconds Polar Bear Cub Summoner 2/?/5 Outgoing Healing.You: 200/400 Power Grazilaxx Summoner Increase the amount of Demonic Ichor gained.Increases the drop of Omuan Treasures and Lost Idols in Chult.Red Dragon Ioun Stone Summoner 105/165 Life Steal.