Other spares including tyres, bearings and axles are available. .
NSR's first car, the Mosler MT 900 was produced in lotto last six weeks late 2007 and is now available in many liveries.
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They then decided that some Classic Sports Cars were required in their range.
MondayClosed, tuesdayClosed, wednesday1pm - 9:00pm, thursday1pm - 5pm, friday1pm - 10pm.NSR also have motors all with different operating characteristics, RPM, torque etc.As with all the models the NSR cars are available with different chassis configurations, with all cars ether fitted with sidewinder motor, inline motor or angle winder motor where the motor is positioned at a 45 angle.School holidays, see here.Shortly afterwards, NSR produced a Renault Clio which was manufactured to the same standard as the original Mosler and specifically designed for racing as is the original intention for NSR.A Ford MK4 was made available alongside a Porsche 917K.In a typical set it would include motors, tyres and spare guide blades in one handy kit.The car was specifically designed for racing and has been used in many championships around the world.NSR offer Tuning boxes which include a selection of spares and sometimes bodies to be used in upgrading your slot cars to the NSR standard.

Saturday10am - 5pm, sunday1pm - 5pm, public HolidaysClosed.
NSR brand slot cars and parts available at Professor Motor, Inc.
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