If you do not have Hardened Leather in storage you can have him make some for you by trading him x3 Regular Leather and bingo maquinas x2 Oil. .
FraX: In Witcher 2, it is meant to signify the most advanced dice player(s if you read the quest description in the journal, Dandelion mentions that incredible Lockhart cheated, but Geralt beat him in spite of that.
When you head inside you will be attacked by a Golem - just pin him in the corner so that he cannot back away from you and beat him to death in a succession of rapid attacks! .
The King vows to punish Sile and the quest advances as the CS ends.
The quest can be activated when you enter the Loc Muinne at the beginning of the third chapter, and can be completed immediately.With him dead head over and read the clue book.It also adds 15 Vigor Regeneration during combat! .When you extinguish the runes in the proper order you advance the Gargoyle Quest - now head to the chest and loot it to obtain the rest of the Manuscript and the Elcer Blood Gauntlets Diagram.You can ask about Aryan (we already know he is alive or you can ask about Sile. .Poker Face: Loc Muinne is a, witcher 2 side-quest similar to, poker Face: Vergen and, poker Face: Flotsam.She demands that you escort her to the river so she can take passage out of the region - and she warns you that there is a traitor in Roche's camp. .If you have not already done so, be sure that you read all of the new books to add them to your book of knowledge.After you slay them head down the stairs to the final Rune Chamber.

Each of these has its own jugar con dados apuestas built-in downside, but being honest with him is probably best. .
He does not take much convincing - and he tells you news about Triss! .
First, defeat Filly, then Aylaya, then look around for two additional competitors, seating at a table nearby: Hadrian the Black and Adelina.
So, Incredible Lockhart is a sharper, and if you finished this quest you don't need to worry about him anymore.Eventually you end up in an audience with the King, and as the CS plays out and both Roche and Geralt are acknowledged by the King. .Talk to Filly and Aylaya and win a dice-poker game against one of them.You manage to convince him to allow you and Roche to pass anyway - you silver-tongued devil you!Once you are back outside a CS is triggered in which you see a woman being followed - she bumps into Roche and the followers depart. .To obtain the brain we need to complete the side quest An Encrypted Manuscript requires that we gain access to the main sewers area, and we can only do that by advancing the main story-line quests, so set that mentally aside for the moment. .