A 1951 aerial view annotated by Matt Franklin to show the close proximity of the 3 online casinos rigged paysafecard airports which briefly coexisted on the north side of Albuquerque: Cutter-Carr Airport, Graham Bell Airport, and Sky Court Airport.
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It was depicted as having 4 runways.
A 2017 aerial view showed the site of East Mesa Airport online internet casino with no deposit bonus to be densely redeveloped.
In late 2001, in a press release entitled "Safety Forces Closure Of Coronado Airport the tribe announced they were closing the airport.He also had the fuselages of a Piper 140 a Piper 160, as well as a nifty Piper Six mix.A 1970 photo courtesy of Dan Rhinehart of P-51 Mustang 'Miss Albuquerque' at Coronado Airport.Interestingly, the largest hangar (that has a northwest facing door) was still standing, center of photo.A circa 1942-45 aerial view looking north from the 1945 AAF Airfield Directory (courtesy of Scott Murdock) depicted the characteristic 8-point star layout of West traspaso de loterías y apuestas del estado en guipuzcoa Mesa Airport.The field was evidently renamed "West Mesa" Airport at some point between 1938-41, as that is how it was depicted on the April 1941 Albuquerque Sectional Chart (courtesy of Chris Kennedy).Coronado was a great place to sit enjoy a great sunrise sunset - sad to see that the sun has truly set on 4AC.One wonders how so many fields could operate successfully.According to Diane Schaller (President, Historic Albuquerque Inc.), in 1965 Western Air moved from West Mesa Airport to Coronado Airport.Note that this chart depicted Sky Court as one of 3 airports which briefly coexisted in very close proximity on the north side of Albuquerque: the others being Cutter-Carr #2 Airport Graham Bell Airport.Amazingly, as of 2014 a former Alameda hangar still marked Seven Bar Aviation was photographed at the former Valencia Community Air Ranch where it had been relocated.This is the north end of the runway.

I remember the crash of an experimental aircraft in Summer of 1955 after the pilot was thrown out by the aircraft's quick roll.
The Indians used the need to run a drainage ditch across the runway as an excuse to close the airport.
Given the elaborate layout of taxiways, might El Rancho have been constructed as a planned residential airpark community?More than 50 years after the original Albuquerque Airport was closed, the 2002 usgs aerial photo still showed the recognizable trace of the former northeast/southwest runway.The directory described West Mesa as a 715 acre irregularly-shaped property having 4 bare runways, the longest being the 6,000' north/south strip.Gwen Walcott reported in 2015, From 1000' above ground level it is an obvious runway.It depicted the original Albuquerque Airport as an auxiliary airfield.The last aeronautical chart depiction which has been located of Del Norte Airport was on the February 1954 Albuquerque Sectional Chart (courtesy of Matt Franklin).Later when Bob went his separate way, he still kept his planes at 7-Bar.

A March 2007 aerial view by Neal Lawson looking north at the remains of Coronado Airport, showing the runways which remain, but all of the buildings hangars having been wiped clean.
The airport was evidently renamed East Mesa Airpark at some point between 1946-48, as that is how it was depicted on the September 1948 Albuquerque Sectional Chart (courtesy of Matt Franklin).