south park bono full episode

I would needa LOT OF help.
Well, I guess WE better callthe OLD champion AND LET HIM know hisrecord HAS just been broken.
HOW DO YOU juegos gratis casino online unicornio know MY dadis gonna DIE?!
( all gasping ) bono?That'S whottamake sure TO keep IT safe.I haven'T takerapin over three weeks.Look what yourold MAN made.

Come TO ME, MY darling precious child.
AND IF YOU walk away NOW, YOU'LL always wonderhow birap YOU could have taken.
OH, YES, there.
BUT HE could havefaked.Imagine IF YOU actuallyworked.Sharon, this IS important!I'VE never heardof ONE that BIG.THE official biggest crapis.5 courics!

IT wasn'T biggerthan mine WAS.
Bono, WE'VE neverhad that rule before.