By applying constant pressure like this, especially on cards that are likely to make your opponent feel uncomfortable, you can pick up a lot of easy pots with what is likely the worst hand.
Often you will be lucky to even have one of them at your table at the micros.
The biggest winners at the micros these days know that a loose and aggressive (also called LAG) strategy is the best way to truly crush these games.By playing so tight they actually protect themselves as well.This is why if you really want to produce massive results at the micros, then it is necessary that you play against these players as often as possible.Go ahead and load up any micro stakes game online right now, even at the very lowest stakes, and you will see a bunch of weak/tight players sitting around waiting for the nuts.Theres no need to stick around a micro table without obvious fish Even more important these days though is to leave the table if you dont see somebody fitting this profile within your first couple orbits.Every single time you finally make a hand, they have a better one.The only real no-deposit bonus Much looser players than Stars Excellent bug-free real-money app No-download Instant Play version 88 no-deposit bonus plus 100 up to 400 Get 88 Free in 60 Seconds.Raising the blinds almost every time against weak micro stakes players when youre the first to enter with the top 50 of hands is a EV play in the long-run.They will be the ones who are playing 40 or more of their hands.

About the author nbsp Nathan BlackRain79 Williams is a poker pro and multiple-time poker author.
So this is often big broadway cards like an Ace or a King.
Continuing to fire kicker poker club on scare cards especially in position on the turn and river will make your micro opponents uncomfortable and win you a lot of pots uncontested.
If you do what they do, you will get their results, which is breakeven or small winner at best.
I will raise the top 50 of hands dealt.Stop Beating Yourself Truthfully though, the #1 reason why most people dont achieve the success that they envisioned at the micro stakes poker tables is because they beat themselves.If you can learn to start winning even a few more pots like this with the 2nd best hand, your results will skyrocket.So what this ultimately means is that there is absolutely tons of dead money out there which is up for grabs.If youre like me, then you have probably worked very hard to improve your game and put in a lot of hard hours at the poker tables as well.This is what the top players do best.As soon as you recognize the first signs of tilt such as playing too many hands, making bad calls or just a general feeling of irritation, you can do wonders for your results by simply learning to walk away.Focus on the Micro Stakes Fish The recreational poker players, the fish, are the main reason why poker is so profitable.